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John B., San Jose, CA

“ It has been a pleasure having Olsen’s Packaging as one of my vendors for the past 25+ years supplying me with the various parts to keep many different machines in the field working up to their maximum capabilities.

About 20 years ago I was looking for a used Weldotron 1615 for one of my customers. Jim and David invited me to their place to inspect the machine they had in their shop to see if it would be a good fit. I flew to Tennessee from California and was welcomed by the Olsen’s with their hospitality that would never end...

My company [previously purchased] three stainless steel belt-to-belt automatic shrink systems which were supposed to be made of 100% stainless steel from [an unnamed] major manufacturer... When the machines were placed in the harsh environment of a wet kitchen, they seemed to be rusting beyond acceptable standards in the food industry. When I [contacted] the OEM to rectify the problem, they said they could only provide a SS wipe down machine which does not include all the parts to be made of SS. I brought this problem to David Olsen, and he was able to provide me a solution by designing and building a modular in-feed that [was] made of 100% SS, and it is still in production (100% rust free). ”

Scott T., McKinney, TX

“ A key part of our BX armored cable lines is our heat tunnels manufactured by Olsen’s Packaging and Parts, Inc.

We have been utilizing these heat tunnels for 10+ years and continuing to add more each year. I highly recommend these ovens/tunnels to any manufacturer that requires a consistent heat source on a moving product. With normal preventative maintenance, others will experience the same great results as we have with very little, if any, downtime whatsoever and unmatched dependability. ”

Jerry B., Bedford, TX

“ As a small business owner, I count on my vendors for consistent, reliable service, the correct parts, and on-time delivery. Olsen’s Packaging and Parts has met all my packaging equipment needs in both new and reconditioned items for over two decades. I plan on keeping Olsen’s as a regular vendor for years to come. ”

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